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Drawing from my experience growing multiple businesses, I’m here to support UK business owners in achieving their growth ambitions.

Promises are easy. Results aren’t.

Many consultants can talk a good game, but I’ve always believed in letting results speak for themselves. Tell me about your business goals, in 48 hours, I’ll provide you with a personalised audit of your business, clearly showing how I would increase your profits.

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What’s The Catch?
Providing this free upfront value has consistently brought in clients who appreciate tangible results. Even if we don’t end up partnering, I genuinely enjoy offering help where I can.

Case Studies

Some Recent Success Stories


After appearing on Dragons Den Ed helped us identify a paid media strategy to take advantage of the nationwide attention our brand was getting. We’ve since grown into a multi 8 figure revenue business.


Ed knew exactly what marketing channels were going to make the biggest impact on my consultancy business. We’ve got £10,000+ leads coming in on auto pilot.


What’s great about Ed is he can cut through the noise and give easy to follow, action-orientated advice that works.

Speak to my clients

Call and ask for a list of clients who are happy to talk to you about what I’ve done for them.

I’ll close the gap between your current business profit…and your desired business profit

I’ve bootstrapped by own businesses and sold them for 7 figures in ultra competitive sectors. I know what it takes to quickly make your business stand out and prosper.

Step 1: Let me provide some free value first

I’m going to show you exactly how I would grow your business based on my experience of building & selling 3 companies.

This isn’t a templated report but a full personalised strategy review of your business. On average I find 7 things you can fix or implement immediately.

Step 2: If you like what you hear, then we book a call.

We will discuss the opportunities I see for your business and I will ask you to fill in any gaps I couldn’t figure out on my own to give you even better insights.

You will discover what your biggest growth opportunities are. Leave your credit card at home, this isn’t a sales call, it’s an opportunity to for us to get to know each other.

Step 3: Lets work together.

If it’s obvious to both of us that I can make you more money than I am going to charge you, I will put a proposal together.

To make this 100% risk free for you I’ve got a guarantee. If you haven’t made your money back within 180 days of working with me, I’ll work for free until you do.

Fill out the audit request form today.


If you would prefer to send a message or book a call.

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My names is Ed Forrester. I live in Worcester with my wife Lucy and two young children Ella & Charlie. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the best part of 20 years. I run my own business and also help other UK entrepreneurs with growth strategy.

The thing I love most about business is the early stages, getting from an idea past that first few million in revenue. Strategy and tactics before they give way to systems and processes.

If you are in the £100k – £3 million revenue range I can add value.

Over the last 10 years I’ve built and sold 3 consumer brands in Pet Supplies (Pro Pooch – Acquired by Thrasio), Beauty (Violet Jordan – Acquired by Monark Global) and Gifts (Makester – Acquired by HCI Distribution).

Why is this relevant to you?

I’ll take what you sell and craft an offer so good, customers won’t say no. You will get better customers, who pay better prices and that means more profit for you.

It’s a bold claim that can only be backed up by showing not telling.

That’s why the free audit is so powerful. Once I show you what I can do, everything will make sense, and you’ll see the value in partnering up.

You will enter your website and email address in the audit form.

I will review your business based on the information I can find online.

First off, I completely understand. Evaluating your website is just scratching the surface and doesn’t capture the entirety of your business.

You are already thinking “what I need help with has nothing to do with the website”

Here’s the thing: With over 20 years of experience and having looked at hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses, I’ve developed an intuitive sense that goes beyond the surface. I can assess the quality, clarity, and effectiveness of what’s presented. I’ve been down this road many times, and the insights are always there.

The aim here is for me to deliver you a few “aha” moments. Things that you have never considered could be affecting your business.

OK, I’ve sent you some insights and now you want to know more. Let’s arrange a time to speak on the phone.

You can give me a full rundown of your business safe in the knowledge that you are not wasting time with someone who can’t help you. Together, we’ll fill in the gaps and pinpoint exactly where I can assist.

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